Industrial washers for boxes and containers

  • Industrial stainless steel design
  • High-pressure “knife” washing nozzles
  • Sophisticated touch control
  • The modular making suitable for every type of job
  • We use the latest technology for non-stop usage

Introducing the FOREX INDUSTRY, Ltd. company

The FOREX INDUSTRY, Ltd. company for almost 20 years, designs and produces the washers used for cleaning boxes, engineering parts, dishes, glasses and cups. During this period of time we achieved the experiences, which rank us among the leaders in the category of cleaning and degreasing boxes, blisters, handling plants, trucks, and the others in the food or non - food industry. The production of box washer with using the modular system allows us adding the basic modules (like pre - rinsing, cleaning, rinsing, drying) and assembling the link which is appropriate not only for the capacity of small producer but also for the huge factory with need to clean thousands pieces per hour without prejudicing the quality. In addition this system is capable of increasing the wattage by expanding the capacity of production (number of washed boxes) without the need to replace the whole device. We also offer our customers the proffesional consultancy in the issue of cleaning, supplying, installing and the complex service with their chosen washing devices.

What is box washing machine?

Myčka přepravek

The box washer is designed to clean dirty boxes used in butcher, dairy, food and the other factories. In the FOREX offer you can also find the special washers in which are washed the engineering parts from the smallest sizes to the huge ones. Today are they assembled in hundreds of companies in Slovakia. View of our satisfied customers starts with the small factories and ends with the leading companies in the market. Our primary aim by developing these equipments is to earn the trust of our customer and offer him the most correct solution.

The quarantee of the box washer quality are its first class components - high - tech hydraulic pumps connected to accurate pressure washer nozzles which are situated in the cleaning tunnel. The whole box washer is made from stainless steel. The number of zones, wattage of the washer and the measuremets of the cleaning tunnel can be adaptted according to the actual needs of the customer. Easy service, not difficult maintenance and the long durability of our equipments are for us the important point of the customer satisfaction.

Dear visitor!

If you are interested in our box washers, now you can take advantage of a unique opportunity to purchase a washer directly from the manufacturer. Avoiding the purchase of washer from other vendors, respectively dealerships can save thousands of dollars. If you are interested, please contact us. We gladly advise you and help you to choose the box washer right for your needs.

Washing components with rotary baskets

Rotary basket are mainly used for washing the components that are on one side closed, in the form of a cup shape. Rotary basket can rewind these components, so that components are washed and dried on all sides. This significantly reduces the time required for time consuming folding components. Rotary baskets are ergonomically designed for rapid filling and emptying. Rotary baskets are made of stainless steel.